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Public Participation Plan (PPP)

The Public Participation Program (PPP) is developed with the ultimate goal of allowing every person in the region the opportunity to become active participants in the 3C (Continuous, Cooperative and Comprehensive) metropolitan planning and decision-making process guiding every issue, project, program and service. The PPP is adaptable and guides the CMMPO in its public participation efforts in creation of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and various transportation studies.

The goal of the PPP is to ensure that all persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, religion, ancestry or ethnicity, sexual orientation or veteran’s status have an equal opportunity to participate in the CMMPO’s decision-making process.

The PPP is updated every four years to reflect the activities CMRPC carries out in relation to public outreach to communities, including minority low income, and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations.

We encourage you to take look at the 2022 CMMPO Public Participation Plan draft and share your comments, insights, and recommendations that can help the CMMPO expand the outreach within our communities and guarantee a meaningful engagement throughout the region’s transportation planning process. Below are links to current and previous PPP’s.

Municipalities and governmental entities are allowed to contract directly with CMRPC in accordance with MGL Chapter 30B Sections 1 (b) (3) and (b) (9). Contract with CMRPC, contact CMRPC’s Executive Director, Janet Pierce at jpierce@cmrpc.org

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