The Town of Charlton, Massachusetts is 12 miles southwest of Worcester, Charlton is a historically rich suburban community supporting a growing residential base, and highlighted by its scenic lakes and vistas. Charlton also boasts growing industrial and commercial development along its bustling Route 20 corridor.

CMRPC Commissioners

Each of CMRPC’s member communities have designated Commissioners who are part of the governing body of CMRPC.

Planning Board Appointment(s)
Jean Vincent (Delegate)

Select Board Appointment(s)
William Boroski (Delegate)
Barbara Zurawski (Alternate)


You can find these documents in CMRPC’s Resource Library, along with hundreds of other documents and reports from across the region.

Charlton Open Space & Recreation Plan (2017)
Charlton Master Plan (2000)
Charlton Hazard Mitigation Plan (2019)

Charlton by the Numbers

Municipalities and governmental entities are allowed to contract directly with CMRPC in accordance with MGL Chapter 30B Sections 1 (b) (3) and (b) (9). Contract with CMRPC, contact CMRPC’s Executive Director, Janet Pierce at

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