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New Braintree

In 1669, the Town of Braintree, Massachusetts voted that each household would be granted an equal interest in the 6000 acres purchased to the west and shall be known as “Braintree Farms”. In ensuing years additional tracts of land which were formerly part of Brookfield and Hardwick were acquired and in 1751 the town was incorporated as New Braintree.

The town became known for its dairy farms and bountiful harvest. By the late 18th century, New Braintree was shipping its annual production of cheese, other dairy products and beef to Boston and had attained a high degree of prosperity. Over 1,000 milking cows resided in New Braintree by the 19th century and the town produced over 200,000 pounds of cheese annually. Other thriving industries in the town included a broom making factory, a blacksmith shop, saw and grist mills, and a shoe and boot factory.

Today, this idyllic community is home to just over 1,000 people and the town has maintained its rural, farming character, with two working dairy farms, a commercial orchard and several prosperous produce farms.

CMRPC Commissioners

Each of CMRPC’s member communities have designated Commissioners who are part of the governing body of CMRPC.

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You can find these documents in CMRPC’s Resource Library, along with hundreds of other documents and reports from across the region.

New Braintree Open Space & Recreation Plan (2020)
New Braintree MVP Summary of Findings (2021)
New Braintree Hazard Mitigation Plan (2019)

New Braintree by the Numbers

The CMRPC Community Snapshots are a planning tool for member communities and the public which includes commonly requested information on the region and CMRPC member communities. The data is presented in the form of interactive tables, charts and dashboards. This page presents a mix of data in the areas of Population, Economy, Environmental Justice, Housing, Education, Transportation from a range of authoritative sources. For more information on the source of the data used to develop the CMRPC Community Snapshots View the Data Matrix. The Community Snapshots are under continues development if there are any additions you would like to see please let us know by taking the survey at the bottom on this page. If you are using a mobile device or a small format screen this page my not display correctly.

Population and Demographics

Population and demographic information available from the US Census Bureau provide the basic distribution of characteristics of the town population as well as total town population projections to the year 2050 from the most recent CMRPC Socio-Economic Projections effort.

Economy and Housing

Economy and housing information from the US Census Bureau as well as Massachusetts Agencies and department provides basic information on the availability and characteristics the towns housing stock as well as information on the occupation and income of its residents.


Transportation information from the US Census Bureau as well as MassDOT and the CMRPC provide information on commute times and vehicle availability the observed conditions of the pedestrian network and traffic volumes.

CMRPC Pedestrian Network Inventory

CMRPC Traffic Counting Database

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